Two Churches: One We Must Be Like… One We Cannot Ignore

Recently, I had the honor of preaching for the Saints at Kingdom Life Church in Lansing, MI. I have grown to love and cherish their Pastor, the Rev. Coye Bouyer. Kingdom Life is a recent Church plant of the Cedar Street Church, where I serve as an Associate Pastor.

The messages below summarize the burden God placed on my heart for this young church. In preparing for these messages, I was driven to two passages that stand as examples for Churches of all ages, but ones that were especially appropriate for a young Church.

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 ~ A Church We Must Be Like

When the Apostle Paul wrote this letter, the Church at Thessalonica was very, very young. Yet, as young as they were, their faith “sounded forth” across the region and became “examples” to everyone.

This is clearly a Church we must be like!

Jude ~ A Church We Cannot Ignore

Jude’s epistle strikes a sobering note for the Church. Even when we are engaged in the Kingdom priorities of evangelism, discipleship, missions and caring for Body of Christ, we cannot turn a blind eye to divisiveness and those who would seek to turn the Church into a bastion for their own power, prominence and prestige.

May God make us ever vigilant to protect the unity of His Church!


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