Why We Preach the Bible: Part IV – The Inerrancy of the Word of God

Perhaps the most controversial of all the attributes of the Bible, the Inerrancy of Scripture is vital to Biblical Christianity because the trustworthiness of the Author of Scripture and the Words He spoke are irrevocably linked together. The Bible itself claims to be the very words of God and the Bible proclaims that the God who spoke was, is, and always shall be considered as Holy and perfect.

This message is perhaps one of my favorite sermons of late as I know personally the joy and power of the Word of God. I pray that God will use this to help you come trust in the Author of Scripture and His Words…as they are completely trustworthy and inerrant.


One thought on “Why We Preach the Bible: Part IV – The Inerrancy of the Word of God

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  1. The Battle for the Bible is very real. In fact, conservative Christianity is struggling to hold their own. Pitted against us is liberal and moderate Christianity, the majority by far. Also, the liberal news media, science, Holywood, and other forms of entertainment. What we can be thankful for are people like John MacArthur, Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig and many others, who have given churchgoers MANY books to educate themselves. I don’t think this is your last review on this subject matter.

    Christian Publishing House has a book coming out soon that is an apologetic defense of the four Gospels by Norman Geisler, David Farnell, and William Roach. I hope you will follow our blog because I would like you to receive a free copy for a review when you see our post. Many thanks for drawing attention to the inerrancy of Scripture. May God continue to bless your efforts.

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