Why We Preach the Bible: Part V – The Sufficiency of Scripture

This final installment of the five-week series is perhaps my favorite of all. For those that know me well, they understand the teacher inside this preacher. I love to preach. I love to teach. But, when I get to do both…at the same time…I am most satisfied.

This final video represents not just the final topic of the series, but a culmination of sorts. The last leg of the journey. As all journeys go, the satisfaction lies not in the end result but rather in the long series of events that brought you there in hopes of reaching the pinnacle. What good is climbing a 100 foot Mt. Everest?

That is why I so value expository preaching. When we build week by week and month by month in anticipation of uncovering each Biblical truth, all the while working desperately to fit the pieces together to see the bigger picture, we most fully and gloriously see the Holy Spirit’s plan for each Scripture passage He breathed out. There is nothing in this world like preaching and subsequently glorying in the revealed Word of God…word for word…line by line…verse by verse.

I hope you have enjoyed the series and that ultimately you are brought to a deeper dependence and reliance upon the Word of God. That is why we preach the Bible!



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