Bryan L. Kent, M.Div.

I became a follower of Jesus Christ during my childhood years. However, my journey as a Christ follower took shape in High School when someone cared enough to disciple me in the faith. I will never forget the joy and deep peace that characterized this man. He had something I desperately wanted and was glad to pass it along to me: the joy of Christ!

Since then, I have learned that Christ has patiently and purposefully lead me on this path. Tonia, my wife and co-journeyer beautifully reflects God’s love and is a tremendous source of strength. I would gladly give my life for her.

My girls have caused me to see the Father’s love for me in a whole new light. What joy it gives me to spend time with them and share the joy of Christ. And what worship wells up within me as I see them taking small steps towards Christ’s throne.


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